I believe in body sacredness : taking care of our body, becoming aware of its messages, accepting it just the way it is,  is a love affair and it can be a preciuos resource for a peaceful life according to our true nature

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“We learn to love not because they taught us how to do it, but having been loved”

                                                               Ashley Montagu


“He who works with his hands is a laborer, who works with his hands and his mind is a craftsman, who works with his hands, his mind and his heart is an artist                                                                  St. Francis of Assisi



My work is a combination of Reiki’s trainings, holistic counseling, Mind Clearing, and other experience working with contact and massage therapies, in particular, Touching Essence™ and Esalen® Massage, known in Europe as California Massage.  Reiki, Counselling, Mind Clearing, Esalen® Massage, Touching Essence™, Acquatic Bodywork, all represent ways to self heal and heal others that share many common elements. I’ve been able to confirm, through my experience with helping relationships, that everything I’ve learned (and continue to learn) after years of meditation, contemplation, techniques of communication such as diade, the enlightment intensives, listening to myself and others, my recent studies in counseling, through psychological techniques, the reading of sacred texts, the study of energy techniques and bodywork such as Reiki and the various forms of massage therapy, is represented by the flow of several rivers into one common sea.  There is no collective outcome between these forms of knowledge, every healing form brings with it it’s own particularity and together create a unique and precious continuum.  I progressively discovered in the practice of Reiki, Clearing, Counseling, Touching Essence™ and Esalen® Massage that what I considered were independent healing techniques, today mix themselves magically and create the foundation of my work in helping relationships.  The inevitable union of the “arts” is established the moment the session begins:  the individual’s personal resources are revealed and I recognize how many and what the similarities, the points of encounter, the complementarity and the convergence between them are, which helps me help the person who I “have in my hands”. It is essential that the individual be treated in the entirety of his mind, body, emotion and spirit. It is essential to establish interpersonal contact:  this indispensable element permits the individual to open and communicate himself, to trust and have faith in the helping relationship.  This profound relationship between giver and receiver is the foundation for a successful session and an important occasion to acquire all (and there is always a lot) that the body language of the client states. During a massage, physical contact is the imperial guide of the encounter and, as Carl Rogers states, everything originates from a profound respect for the other, who then becomes the most important person for me in that time-space and moment.

Counseling is an orientation method used to help a single individual, a couple, a family or group that finds itself in difficulty due to an organizational or relationship problem resolvable through the existing client’s potential to consolidate his own resources without the need to profoundly reform his character or personality.  The best way to help someone who seeks counseling is, rather than tell him what to do, to closely listen, to accompany and understand his situation from his point of view, until such time that he finds in himself the resources to lead his life in first person.  A professional counselor has the competence to communicate expertly and comprehensively; he is a specialist of the helping relationship.  As for Mental Clearing, the Clearer, as per the definition of Charles Berner, is  “that individual able to help another individual increase his capacity to live a better life according to his own opinion”.  It is just this I attempt to accomplish, taking the techniques of Counseling and Mind Clearing into Massage, feeding everything I learn elsewhere with a sincere intention to be well rounded  without any fixed schemes or prejudice knowing that one never cease to learn.