Elena, together with a group of certified counselors , participates in the project of the Rete Italiana di Cultura Popolare which, although the social distancing, has created a great online help action, “The Spring of the Community Reception”. It is about helping children and teens to do their homework, families in daily tasks, schools in the s.o.s. technology, people who need to be listened to in this new condition of life. A real help in countering the inequalities that this state of emergency has shown most cruelly.




The newsstand in Piazza della Repubblica in Porta Palazzo chances its skin and every Saturday, from 11 to 17, the shutters are raised by volunteers from Lo Spaccio di Cultura and associations such as Refugees welcome, Crocerossa, Tactus, Cooperativa Accomazzi, Tutticonnessi and Balon mundial : once a month they will take care of the community of the gift by activating a place for mutual exchange at the reception. From listening to sport, from home to health, from digital support to training, we are building together the Concierge of tomorrow with the Portal of knowledge at the center.

LA COMMUNITA DEL DONO is a path of active participation, mutual aid and reciprocity born in January 2021 and open to families and people in fragile conditions.


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