Elena, together with a group of certified counselors , participates in the project of the Rete Italiana di Cultura Popolare which, although the social distancing, has created a great online help action, “The Spring of the Community Reception”. It is about helping children and teens to do their homework, families in daily tasks, schools in the s.o.s. technology, people who need to be listened to in this new condition of life. A real help in countering the inequalities that this state of emergency has shown most cruelly. 



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… and since in Tactus we never stop dreaming, we are creating a “project” by collecting the experiences you would like to send us, regarding the isolation period, as an evidence of what it was like for you. If you live in another country send us your witness (photographs, poems, stories, thoughts, drawings, everything is good!),  we will be happy to include it in our project. We wish this memory to be remembered and to remain like a tool in our hands we can use to recreate and rebuild, having a clearer vision of the life we choose from here on. Send here: egtactus@gmail.com or manuela.iannetti@gmail.com

or contact us privately via the following facebook pages: facebook.com/elena.gilli.37 or facebook.com/manuela.iannetti