About this Program
We invite you to join us in Italy for a delightful way to become certified in Esalen Massage & Bodywork whilst enjoying an extraordinary environment for heightening your senses, quietening your mind, opening your heart, and freeing your spirit. This course is designed for those already certified in the practice of massage who wish to add the Esalen approach to their professional repertoire. Esalen has been a place dedicated to supporting many approaches to integrate body, mind, and spirit, and Esalen Massage reflects this rich history in the depth of its curriculum. Star filled nights, and a retreat sanctuary environment, combined with the awareness practices developed at Esalen, Big Sur, provide an ideal setting for immersing yourself in this life changing practice.
This program offers not only education in massage theory, method, and relevant anatomy and physiology, it also offers an experience of the “bigger picture” of the Esalen approach: how to use simple human touch to support self-organization and healing within the whole person. Through lecture, demonstration, and supervised hands-on practice, students will be taught massage as a holistic approach to optimal health and functioning. The course offers 100 hours of comprehensive Esalen Massage experience, including relevant anatomical & physiological explorations that link theory to practice. Students will have ample time for massaging one another, emphasizing body mechanics, self-care, and innovation. The curriculum includes centering skills, Esalen long-stroke methods effective in whole-body integration, draping, detailed structural work, passive joint movement and gentle stretches, and techniques that energetically balance a massage. Students will learn communication skills for interacting with clients in a clear, compassionate manner, including education in difficult ethical situations that sometimes arise in massage practice.


Course Requirements
This Esalen Massage certification training is open to massage practitioners certified by an accredited school. This program is suggested to those who have completed our Touching Essence Program or have completed a minimum of 150 hours of hands on massage & bodywork training. This program is ideal for experienced and certified bodyworkers wishing to continue or extend their education. Upon satisfactory course completion, two successful evaluation sessions, and documentation of fifteen additional massages at your home site, an EMBA Certificate of Completion for 100 hours will be issued. The certification fee is $150. Esalen is an approved school by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (school code 2700571), and all EMBA approved courses are included in this code. This is a professional training with limited admission.