Everything is energy. The trick is to re-learn how to live and use it, much like a child and animals do, to benefit ourselves, those close to us and those who will come after… 


one meeting monthly  7pm-9pm

registrations : tactus@cumtactus.it – 335.5459132

Reiki is an ancient holistic practice actually known by all living creatures, us included…… Reiki is a relaxation method, which releases its effects through the flow of the Universal Energy Field; cosmic energy is channeled through the individual providing both the giver and receiver fiscal, mental, emotional and spiritual healing, The cleansing of the body and soul recreates the natural balance of oneness and union.  This permits one to easily enter in contact with their own natural energy, their true potentials, dreams, obstacles, desires, profound messages and one’s primary knowledge. Reiki is pure energy without any physical or ethereal limits:  it pervades every living thing.  We are all pure energy…regardless of color, race, religion or personal experience in life.   The Level 1 Reiki seminar is an opportunity for the individual to deeply explore and share the infinite treasures of their experience from an energetic perspective; the steady reawakening of natural forces within, the gradual understanding of what it is to be Reiki, the experiencing and encountering our own energy through the understanding of how our chakras work, the physical contact with our bodies, the energy fields and channels, the influence of thoughts, what we call disease and what is health. At a certain point of the journey, Reiki may become a life style