Each individual session is created on purpose

according to the real needs and inclinations of the recipient:

it is always the unique encounter between client and practitioner

to guide and accompany us.



The Reiki Treatment consists of placing the operator’s hands in contact with certain areas of the recipient’s body. You receive clothes on and lying down, on the ground or on a massage table: it induces a state of deep relaxation and is particularly recommended in cases of insomnia, anxiety and migraines. It favors self-knowledge and listening. The Reiki treatment is not intended in any case as an intervention of a medical health nature, it can easily be a side treatment of any therapy already in progress, which is why it is practiced today in various hospitals.



An Esalen® Massage session begins with a series of preliminary movements, touches, cradles, tractions, stretches, to get in touch, to proceed with the long flowing movements typical of Esalen® Massage along the whole body, from head to toe and vice versa. Esalen Massage is a practice of presence and awareness, it works on physical, mental, emotional levels, involves the energetic and spiritual dimension, depending on the needs of the recipient and her/his willingness to get in touch with herself/himself. http://cumtactus.it/http-cumtactus-it-esalen-massage-massaggio-californiano/



Mainly developed in California and Bali (Indonesia), Touching Essence is a multi sensory and multicultural hands on practice that involves both the operator and the recipient in a gradual and profound awareness and presence. During a session the quality of touch is sustained by the energetic level, the use of essential oils, as well as the use of sounds and mantras, in order to allow the receiver to abandon herself/himself according to her/his sensibility.



The contact that is established with the person in front of you is fundamental: an indispensable element to allow the person to open up and communicate, in a word to entrust himself. A session lasts about an hour and allows the customer to listen to each other, put order and clarity in their life, create space inside, find new inspirations.



Tell me what feet you have and I’ll tell you who you are…
Thanks to our feet we walk in this world, we move in life, we leave our footprint, we mark the pace, we listen in a more or less conscious way to the vibrations that come directly from the Earth and send precise signals to the brain. The soles of our feet constitute a precious map whose reflex points suggest organs, functions, parts of the body to turn our attention to to help offer balance and support the person’s natural state of health. The peculiarity of foot reflexology is its surprising effectiveness, given the direct effect on the larger body of the massage and the pressure applied to the points of the feet.



Craniosacral therapy is a gentle and non-invasive manual method that makes use of touch, palpation and mobilization at the fascial level, allowing the “listening” of the body in a profound way. Specifically it acts on the Cranio Sacral System formed by the Central Nervous System, cerebrospinal fluid and the sacrum. The activity of the Cranio Sacral System influences the whole system, therefore it represents a precious tool for maintaining or restoring the health in some of the most important structures of our organism. The proper functioning of the Central Nervous System and the Cranial Sacral System are the basis of the health of our body. The Cranio Sacral System is endowed with an intrinsic rhythmic capacity, defined “cranial rhythmic impulse” which is responsible for the movements called “cranial sacral movements”. In good health, these shifts are periodic, balanced and lead to rhythmic movements throughout the body structure. They are perceptible through manual palpation. When the organism is sick, the craniosacral movements are impaired. The therapy favors the rebalancing of the cranial rhythmic impulse by correcting those errors that have generated pain or discomfort. The massage performed acts in a profound way on the nervous system, inducing a state of general well-being, on a physical and emotional level, also influencing the hormonal and immune systems.



Prenatal massage is a massage that adapts its maneuvers to the special and delicate situation of women in the gestation stage for the benefit of the mother and the baby. It is a massage that is performed during the period of pregnancy, after the third month. The maneuvers of prenatal massage consist of brushing and light kneading, long strokes over the body, as well as joint mobilizations. Deep palpations are excluded. It promotes relaxation of muscle tension, stretching and the ability to take in oxygen and distribute it throughout the body. It is an excellent resource to enable the woman to become familiar with the changes in her body, allowing her to listen deeply to herself and, at the same time, listen to her baby. It benefits mother and baby by being a wonderful means of communication with each other and a language beyond oral expression.



The movement is that of an aquatic dance, promoting total relaxation of body and mind. It allows the recipient to allow herself/himself to be supported by the water, to abandon herself/himself to the water, to be in some way and measure rocked by the hands of the practitioner who leads him through slow and gentle, floating and light movements. Water supports and amplifies what is already there: the body is naturally in contact with the element water and immediately ( without mediation) recognizes its therapeutic qualities. No prerequisites are needed to get an aquatic bodywork session, nor is it necessary to know how to swim: it is enough to be willing to be carried in an element that we perfectly know since when we were in our mother belly, before our birth.


Each 75 min. session costs 70€ : a package of 3 sessions costs 200€ – a package of 5 sessions costs 330€; Each 90 min. session costs 90€ : a package of 3 sessions costs 255€ – a package of 5 sessions costs 430€; The water session, including entrance to the heated water pool, costs 110€.