CONTATTO : from latin TACTUS

In Renaissance music, Tactus is the unit measure of time and it’s relative musical notation  – which generally corresponds to a normal human heart beat – representing a point of reference for determining the absolute duration of each beat in the piece. It indicates the conductor’s stroke corresponding to one unit of time.


Tactus is a non-profit organization that promotes social welfare.  Founded by Elena Gilli, with the intent to follow a path previously started, Tactus’s  objective is to accompany individuals to discover and express themselves……..

The reasons behind this new venture are based on the objective to develop man’s dormant potential thus allowing every individual, irrespective of his belief, religion, country of origin, cultural background, social standing, age and race to express and behave naturally and to integrate with all and everything that surrounds him.  The intent is to spread the culture of contact with the inner-self and with others, the search of knowledge and awareness of who we are and what is life through the use of every valid communication means.  The objective of Tactus is to promote responsible educational programs in line with profound changes in the inner-self and society, to share experiences and comprehensive listening, to support the interpersonal relationship, to promote socially responsible projects, educational activities, sports, recreation, arts and counseling in Italy and abroad for individuals and groups.