Touching Essence




with Ellen Watson, Elena Gilli, Daniela Urbassek

Location: Italy   –  When: 2022-2023

Professional figure that can be registered in the professional category register of SIAF ITALIA according to current legislation and law 4/2013. The training path allows you to become a “Psycho-physical Wellness Operator” as defined in the UNI 11713 standard (National Standardization Body) of 31/05/2018 with the possibility of certification.

Touching Essence is a multi-sensory, multicultural, contact practice that embodies

and combines the sense of touch, smell, hearing and energy experience.

The Holistic Operator is an interdisciplinary professional who supports people to regain psychophysical harmony and a new awareness of the self. The Holistic Operator works with holistic, corporeal, energetic and creative holistic techniques. With its activity it favors the natural process of transformation and empowerment for the improvement of the quality of life, of the psychophysical balance and of self-awareness. The holistic view of the specialized operator takes into consideration the whole person in his entirety of body, mind, emotions, energy and his ability to relate with himself and with the other in the society in which he lives. The Professional intervenes in the process of personal well-being, stimulating the best expression of its vital resources and favoring its bio-energetic rebalancing. The cultural model of reference lies in the holistic-systemic approach, which provides a key to understanding where everything is interconnected, specifically: dexterity, environment (setting), empathic and relational abilities, language. The Professional does not aim at the cure and resolution of medical / health care pathologies, nor does he carry out treatments for aesthetic purposes.

Touching Essence™

Developed over the last 30 years in Esalen (California) and Bali (Indonesia), Touching Essence involves both the operator and the recipient in a gradual and profound awareness and presence. Inspired and nurtured by Ellen Watson’s practice and teachings, by Elena Gilli’s art of touch and energetic work – founder of Tactus, Touching Essence uses visualization and affirmation in support of the desired effects. The philosophy of Touching Essence is pleasantly mixed with the exploration of energy centers or chakras (energy vortexes). These act as conductors through which the body, mind, emotions and energy interact as a holistic system. Any imbalance at the level of the chakras is closely correlated with tensions and disharmonies on the physical level. The intention of this course is to weave together a wide variety of techniques in order to let postures and / or patterns of bodily behavior emerge from such imbalances. The focus of the work is to access these powerful energy centers through a combination of touch – hear – sound. Working with sounds and vibrations, essential oils and massage techniques, we will encounter the subtle and deep layers of the body, allowing the individual to acquire a sense of global well-being.


Those who wish to pursue a path of growth and change and obtain a professional title. • Those who intend to work in private practice or in public and private structures, regulated by the law 4/2013. • Operators in holistic techniques not registered in professional category registers pursuant to Law No. 4/2013. • Professionals in the helping relationship who want to broaden their skills and scope of intervention (teachers, health care staff, educators, therapists, volunteers, etc.).


Conduct an individual treatment session with integrated holistic Touching Essence techniques. • Acquire holistic, corporeal, energetic and creative holistic techniques to support the client in the improvement of his psychophysical wellbeing. • Listen deeply to the person and choose methods and operative tools for psychophysical treatment. • Integrate communicative-relational knowledge and skills with holistic and bionatural methods. • Operate in harmony with the Code of Ethics and Professional Deontological


The course of study includes 450 hours of training, including classroom lessons, online courses, self-learning, practice, internship and research activities. The training course for Holistic Operator specializing in Touching Essence® consists of four long weekends interspersed with two intensive modules of five days each, and two indivudual tutorials for a total of 200 hours.

Training for HOLISTIC OPERATOR Touching Essence®
250 hours Training in class 4 intensive modules  3 individual tutorials
100 hours Training on line on line theory courses Myamo FAD and e-learning platform
100 ore Apprenticeship Guided Practice and Documented Practice Self-learning and drafting of the final elaborate






Where is it

The training course for Holistic Operator specializing in Touching Essence ™ takes place in Turin at the headquarters of the A.p.s. TACTUS and at the Centro d’Ompio (Lake d’Orta)

Access requirements

To access the training course it is necessary to have a Diploma of secondary school or equivalent qualification and to hold a cognitive interview (free). The minimum age for admission is 18 years.

Signing up

The number of participants is limited and scheduled in order of registration. Registration takes place by completing the application for admission and payment of the first membership fee.

Monetary contribution

The contribution to participate in the training course for Holistic Operator specialized in Touching Essence is 2.300 euros and includes the teaching itself, teaching materials, assistance at the tables, translation from english to italian, handouts, videos, access to online courses. It doesn’t include the professional deonthology one day workshop necessary for passing the exam, the final exam, the three individual tutorials (60 euros each); the costs for accommodations at Centro d’Ompio.

Professional outlets

The Holistic Operator can carry out his profession in an individual, associate and business form, he can work as a freelancer or in public and private structures that make use of the help of this professional figure. The Operator can collaborate with medical centers, wellness centers, spas and beauty farms, gyms, associations and socio-educational centers. The course is delivered in compliance with the guidelines of Law n ° 4/2013, and of the UNI 11713 Standard: 2018: Professionals of psychophysical wellbeing through bionatural massage.

Intermediate checks – final exam

Upon completion of each teaching module a learning check is scheduled. The final exam consists in the oral discussion of a paper written by the attendant before a committee composed of teachers of the course and a practical test of the Touching Essence method.

Final certificate

The standards of the MYAMO training courses offer the possibility to register (depending on the needs) to different Category Associations or Regional Registers. At the end of the training course, after passing the final exam, the student will receive a certificate of Holistic Operator specialized in Touching Essence ™ and will have the opportunity to:

  • Work legally as a Holistic Operator in the liberal profession or in public and private structures, in compliance with the provisions of Law 4/2013.
  • • Obtain recognition of SIAF Italy and the Certificate of Qualification and Qualification of Professional Services provided by Holistic Operator and be registered in the Regional Registry and National Holistic Operators.
  • • Register in the Register of operators of the Lombardy Region (Lombardy Regional Law of February 1, 2005 No. 2).
  • • Register in the Register of operators of the Veneto Region (Veneto Regional Law No. 8 of 16 February 2018).
  • • Obtain the recognition and certification of the AICS Department of Holistic Sciences and Techniques.
  • • Direct access to the international certification course “100 hour Esalen® Massage & Bodywork”

Didactic Methodology

The course includes a Blended (mixed) training: • Classroom training – carried out in the classroom • Online training – remotely via e-learning platform • Self-learning – through internship. Blended Learning is a method of teaching delivery that involves the support of a technological platform for traditional teaching in the presence. Classroom training : The training in presence is developed through 4 intensive five days each and 3 individual tutorials. Online training: The course theory is delivered through an e-learning platform that presents an intuitive graphic interface similar to that of Facebook; a learning environment where students and teachers work together and exchange information. Students can access the virtual class of their course 24 hours a day through the use of specific supports such as PC, tablet, smartphone, so you can stay in touch even during the time between one seminar and another, ask questions about any doubts or unclear elements addressed during the study, sharing experiences and impressions from the perspective of cooperative learning. In the virtual classroom will be published the teaching materials, the pre-seminar handouts, the integrative materials, the videos of the training seminars and the intermediate checks. Professional practice – Internship Through the traineeship project, the student will be able to: experiment in the field theories and techniques learned during the training period; make use of the help of an expert through supervision; verify the validity of your intervention method; improve its intervention capacity.

Training program in the classroom Specialized training Introduction to the 13 elements of Touching Essence, the vision and philosophy of Touching Essence, practice and learning of the Touching Essence technique, bodywork, breathing, physical and metaphysical contact, contact in water. Essential oils, sound, creation and use of mantras, movement, use of music and voice. Energy dimension, chakra system, subtile energies, practice, ethics, trust, communication, presence. Self care tools Relaxation techniques and bioenergetic rebalancing. Self-massage techniques. Meditation. Yoga.

Online Training Program Communication and interpersonal skills Elements of psychology, sociology and social pedagogy. Fundamental elements of communication. Communication Theory and Techniques. Auxiliary disciplines Anatomy. Physiology. Regulations and sanitary provisions in personal service processes. Elements of ergonomics. Elements of health and safety at work. First aid. Basic elements of marketing. Basic elements of law. Basic elements of accounting and taxation. Basic elements of legislation, procedures and protocols for the processing of personal data (privacy) Specific activities of the psychophysical wellness professional Introduction to the UNI 11713/2018 Standard: Professionals of psychophysical wellbeing through bionatural massage. Applicable legislation. Ethics and Deontology. Definition of the figure of the operator and his professional activity. Terminology related to holistic techniques, massage and non-invasive bionatural methods. Limits of professional activity in respect of other regulated and non-regulated professional activities.

Training institutions

TACTUS  “Contact”: from the Latin “Tactus” In Renaissance music Tactus is the unit of measurement of time and the relative figure of note – generally corresponding to the average beat of the human wrist – constituting the reference point for determining the absolute duration value of all the musical figures of the notation. The same term indicated the gesture of the director corresponding to a unit of time. TACTUS is an association not for profit and social promotion and was founded by the choice of its founder Elena Gilli to continue a journey started for some time and aimed at the accompaniment of people in the discovery and expression of self … The motivations behind this new adventure are to be sought in the desire to develop the latent potentials in man, allowing each individual, beyond his beliefs, his religion, his background, the culture of belonging, social extraction , of the age and the color of his skin, of expressing himself and manifesting himself as he naturally is and to integrate himself with everyone and everything that surrounds him; in the commitment to the dissemination of the culture of contact with oneself and with others, of the knowledge and awareness of who we are and the things of life, of communication through every valid instrument; with the aim of promoting educational and responsible programs aimed at profound changes in themselves and in society; in the desire to share moments of meeting and listening, support in the helping relationship, social solidarity projects, training, sports, recreational, artistic, individual and group activities, counseling activities in Italy and abroad.

MYAMO The Training Organization run by the MYAMO Association consists of counselors and holistic practitioners, health professionals and volunteers. The association operates nationally and internationally for the promotion of psychophysical health, global well-being and the improvement of the quality of life through the organization and management of cultural events, seminars, professional courses, individual sessions and the formation of groups of Volunteering. • Since 2005, 42 Professional Training Paths have been provided for: Holistic Counselor, e-Counselor, Holistic Operator. • Since 2005, 620 Training courses have been provided for holistic monothematic courses. • Since 2005, 320 Online Training Courses have been provided, via e-learning platform and FAD. The classrooms of the courses are complete with educational equipment such as: equipped floor, chairs, sound system, video projector and anything else for the proper conduct of teaching; the structures have other rooms dedicated to individual activities, offices, changing rooms and toilets. Acknowledgments Myamo is registered with code SC 104/105 in the National List S.I.A.F. of training institutions for the quality of the training provided valid for the inclusion of their students in the professional register of Holistic Counselor and Holistic Practitioners. Myamo is accredited Provider with code PV0017 / 17 from HOLISTICA CEPRAO (European Coordination of Professional Help and Holistic Relationships) for the issue of ECP credits for Continuing Education. Myamo is affiliated to AICS (Italian association for culture and sport Professors The teaching staff consists of: Holistic Counselor Supervisor, Gestalt Psychotherapist, Doctor, Nurse, Holistic Operator, Accredited Yoga Instructor, Family Constellation Driver, Assistant Educator, Art Therapist, Chartered Accountant, External Professionals experts in the subjects complementary to the training path.

Teachers References

Elena Gilli – Since 1995 deals with self-knowledge and personal growth in Italy and abroad, today more than ever strongly interested in disseminating the experience of contact. Founder and President of the TACTUS Social Promotion Association (; PI398P-OP Holistic Operator and PI223-CO Professional Counselor registered in the national Siaf Italia registers; Reiki Master; Vibrance® operator; Teacher in training of Esalen® Massage at Esalen Institute – Big Sur, California; Certified in Touching Essence ™ at MovingVentures- Bali, Indonesia; Graduated in Political Sciences, Social Address; Massage Operator in Schools Program; Bodyworker & Aquatic Bodyworker.

Ellen Watson celebrates her 35th year in the staff and faculty of the Esalen Institute, in Big Sur, California, where she studies, practices and teaches various ways of meditative practice, massage and movement. Ellen is a teacher of Esalen® Massage & Bodywork, 5Rhythms by Gabrielle Roth, Holotropic Breathing, SpiritDanceSoulSong®, Vibrance®, Touching Essence ™, Wake Up & Roar. From 1984 to 2003, Ellen developed and administered the Movement Arts Program in Esalen. In 1996 he founded MovingVentures (, which offers workshops, retreats and training courses in Esalen, Bali, China and other parts of the world.

Daniela Urbassek L.Ac. – has 30 years of professional experience as a licensed massage therapist and instructor, specializing in Esalen Massage, Meridian Massage, Aroma Therapy, Cranio Sacral Therapy,  and Hatha Yoga. Her services have been offered at internationally renowned holistic and healing centers, 5 star hotel resorts and spas in the US, Europe, Asia and through private practice in Carmel, California. She is passionate about the powerful impact of somatic and holistic practices.